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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight

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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight


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Artist Spotlight of the Week

Scottie Da Ghost

@Scottie Da Ghost/ Facebook

‘Scottie Da Ghost’ started like any artist. Realizing a passion for music, ‘SDG’ got busy in Arizona with a flow of new music, social media interaction, and networking. With nearly all self-promotion through his ‘After Dusk Broadcasting’ brand, he has seen his music grow and spread around the country and even the world. While the beginnings are still humble, ‘Scottie Da Ghost’ is quickly carving his name into the hip hop community!

@Scottie Da Ghost

In an interview with Hip Hop Trends, ‘SDG’ says his most influential artists are ” Linkin Park, Wu-Tang clan, Nujabes, and From First To Last.” He goes on to describe his music ” like Neapolitan ice cream, there’s a little something for everyone’s taste.” His advice to new artists starting their music career is “to be themselves in their music. You don’t gotta fit a part for this, it’s not acting.” ‘SDG’ is currently focusing on out of state shows and plans to release tons of content this year!

You can find Scottie Da Ghost on all social media outlets! The link to his music is posted below! Do you know of an artist that should be featured? Reach out to us!

@Scottie Da Ghost/ Spotify

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