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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight

Mixing Genres: Dropout Kings, AZ Trap-Metal Band
February 26, 2020
AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight
June 3, 2020
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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight


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Artist Spotlight of the Week

Dobey Dobe

@Dobey Dobe/ Facebook

Have you heard of him? If you haven’t I suggest you start keeping tabs! ‘Dobey Dobe‘ is an upcoming artist from Arizona that is making waves across social media platforms. With a quit witted spew of nostalgia and rhythm, ‘Dobey Dobe‘ is surely climbing his way out of being just another local artist. He has a great online presence and uses smart marketing tactics to get content to your screen. We expect to see even more great things coming from ‘Dobey Dobe’ .

@Dobey Dobe/ Youtube
@Dobey Dobe/ Facebook

In an interview with Hip Hop Trends, ‘Dobey Dobe‘ explained his musical influences. When asked what artists influence his music the most he says:

It’s hard to say, because as an artists, a lot times the goal would be to stand out, or give something different from what’s already out there.
I will say that I’m a huge fan of Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, (pretty much all of TDE), J. Cole, and Joyner Lucas to name a few. There’s way more out there but I can’t hit you with the extendo list.

‘Dobey Dobe’ would describe his music like:

It would come down to which song we’re talking about. I feel like I have a wide range of sound to offer. One thing that will stay consistent is wordplay, that’s one of my favorite elements of songwriting. You’ll always find something witty whether it’s on a hype song or a more relaxed, vibe song. So Imma say clever.

If he had any advice for growing artists, it’s consistency. His response below:

I’m still trying to grow myself, but for what it’s worth, stay consistent. Don’t let up. Make the music you want to hear and you will naturally attract people with similar taste

You can find ‘Dobey Dobe‘ on all social media and streaming platforms!

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