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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight

AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight
March 7, 2020
AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight
August 8, 2020
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AZ: Trending Artist Spotlight


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Artist Spotlight of the Week



Breaking into the scene with unlimited wit and passion,
Davie Roland, a.k.a. Daviphresh, has made his way up the ladder in AZ Hip-Hop. Coming from Maryvale, he is a true AZ native and represents everywhere he goes. You can expect professionally produced tracks, hard hitting vocals and wavy beats. Daviphresh is constantly working on his craft and looking for new ways to innovate flow and music production. His latest music video and project is below!

In an interview with Hip Hop Trends, Daviphresh explained his musical influences. When asked what artists influence his music the most he says:

My greatest influences in music are Travis Scott, Lil Wayne and 2pac.


When asked to describe his music to others he says:

It is energetic. There is lots of energy and a voice for people who feel alone or feel like they’re the only ones that bad things happen too. I’m the light and someone who’s been there and knows how to get them out that place. 


We asked Daviphresh if he had any advice for other artists. He responded:

Be yourself ; that’s the only way to grow. If you focus on being someone else or doing things someone else is doing you will never grow. You will only know how to mimic and won’t truly be able to grow. 

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