Bout That Time - Inside the Ring:

Bout That Time – Inside the Ring: The Journey of Majdi (Bam Bam) Lewis

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Bout That Time – Inside the Ring: The Journey of Majdi (Bam Bam) Lewis

Delve into the riveting world of boxing and follow the journey of Majdi Lewis as he prepares for Bout That Time Fight Night, March 29th. A rising star in the boxing scene, the fighter promises to “Make boxing what it used to be” and “bring it back to life!”; he’s gearing up for one of his most significant challenges yet.

Hailing from Montana, Majdi is a dedicated and determined young man with a passion for boxing, actually for fighting in general, (which he would later point out during our conversation). He started on this path only last year at 16 and has already gained a name for himself.  Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, Lewis has remained steadfast and his story is nothing short of inspiring.

Behind every successful boxer lies countless hours of intense training and unwavering commitment. Majdi guarantees that he’s training harder than his opponent and peers, which he says is his key to success. You can find him in the gym an average of three times daily, honing his skills and pushing his limits under the guidance of his seasoned coaches. From grueling sparring sessions to rigorous strength and conditioning workouts, every aspect of Lewis’ training regimen is meticulously planned to ensure peak performance come fight night.

For Bam Bam, this fight isn’t just another bout—it’s an opportunity to solidify his title. This will be the boxer’s second time facing Fransisco Rojas; he won the previous fight despite small trouble with certain calls. With a steely resolve and an unyielding spirit, he is prepared to leave it all on the canvas and emerge victorious again.

In the world of boxing, having a strong support system can make all the difference. Whether it’s the encouragement from family and friends or the camaraderie shared with fellow boxers, Lewis draws strength from those around him but also from himself. Majdi plans to win a gold medal for the USA Boxing team before one day taking his talents to a professional ring. His support system serves as a source of motivation during the toughest of times, reminding him that they are never alone in this quest. 

As the days inch closer to fight night, anticipation reaches a fever pitch. Bam remains focused and determined, channeling all his energy into final preparations. With every punch thrown Lewis grows stronger, both physically and mentally, ready to step into the ring.

Stay tuned for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes insights as we countdown to the electrifying showdown. The stage is set, and the stakes are high—let the battle begin.

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