Is Babyface The Dominating Force Behind R&B

Is Babyface The Dominating Force Behind R&B?

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Is Babyface The Dominating Force Behind R&B?

Babyface at the Grammys

We all know Babyface as an undeniable legend in the world of R&B (and music in general, let’s just be honest), but how deep does the rabbit hole go?

While Babyface is widely known for the his more obvious contributions, it’s safe to safe that he is an unstoppable force behind music. If over 200 Top 10 R&B hits, more than 50 Top 10 pop hits doesn’t say so— nothing will.

The accolades continue to stack; just last year, Babyface’s name woke up the Billboard Adult R&B Chart with his #1 single “As A Matter Of Fact.” He later attended this year’s Grammy Awards Show with 3 nominations and left with the “Best R&B Song” Award for his and SZA’s standout hit “Snooze.” Babyface shows no signs of slowing down. All there is to ask is… What’s next for Babyface?

While his next set of winning awards for the culture may not be on the radar just yet, Babyface shows much promise. He can be seen at his upcoming performance at the Arizona Jazz Festival on March 24, 2024, to showcase his timeless classics and continue his world-renowned legacy. Among him will be other legends, including Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Teddy Swims, & more!

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