Teddy Swims on His Recent Success With ‘Lose Control’

Teddy Swims on His Recent Success With ‘Lose Control’

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Teddy Swims on His Recent Success With ‘Lose Control’

Breakout artist Teddy Swims’ “Lose Control” made its way to the Billboard Hot 100 in late 2023, and currently it sits at No. 4 after over 25 weeks on the chart. In “Lose Control,” Teddy Swims delivers more than just captivating melodies; he offers profound reflections on his journey to success.

As he opens up about his past desire for instant gratification, Swims reveals a realization: the timing of his achievements couldn’t be more perfect. “I used to be so impatient and wanted everything to happen now, but if I had this success at 21, I would be dead.” He means it quite literally. “I would’ve spun out and got strung out and thrown this all the way had it happened any moment before right now.”

Reflecting on the hazards of premature success, he acknowledges that if fame had found him earlier, it might have very well led to his demise. With raw honesty, Swims admits that he wasn’t ready for the pressures and temptations that accompany stardom. Instead, he embraces the present moment, recognizing that his success at this point in his life allows him to appreciate it fully and navigate its challenges with maturity and resilience.

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